Jello Shots with a Twist

18 Nov

  • 2 packages of the jello flavor of your choice. I chose strawberry
  • 6 oranges with no separation at either end (explained below)
  • 2 cups of rum
  • 2 cups boiling water

You will want to start with 6 whole oranges. Make sure that they do not have any separation at the navel. Any hole will allow jello to seep out giving you jello shot cake. This is best eaten with a spoon or straw, but not quite as presentable and fun.

Start by cutting an orange in half and, using a spoon, carefully remove the pulp from the orange. It’s ok to take a bit of the skin, but be careful not to leave the skin too thin or make any holes. If you do create a hole, throw the orange away, it is no good for this project. Repeat this with all 6 oranges and balance each half, open site up in a cake pan. You’ll want to squish them in there so they hold each other up.

Pour the jello packets into a large mixing bowl. Add 2 cups of boiling water and stir to dissolve. Add 2 cups of rum and stir to combine.

Carefully pour into oranges. Try not to spill!

Carefully put the tray of oranges into the refrigerator and let sit for about 2 hours.

Remove oranges from refrigerator. Poke with a spoon to make sure they are set. (Your refrigerator might be set at a different temperature.)

Once the jello is firm and wiggly, remove the oranges and cut into slices with a very sharp knife. A dull knife will put too much pressure on the oranges and the jello will separate from the peel.

Serve and enjoy responsibly!


I love hosting parties and reallllllly wanted to host a college-like party for Halloween. I was perusing Pinterest when I saw someone who posted a picture of jello in orange rinds! Genius! So I took it a step further and made yummy adult jello for the oranges. It seemed like a great idea!

So, here’s what happened… In getting the guts out of the orange rind, it destroyed at least 5 oranges. The first batch I forgot the alcohol and just made normal jello. Poured that out. With the second batch, I finally got to pour the liquid jello into the oranges, but the orange halves kept tilting over and spilling. My solution was to line them up in a cake pan, orange to orange to create tension so they couldn’t tip. Another problem, not all oranges are created equal. Some balance really well, some lean sideways. Not the easiest for jello pouring. Another issue: tiny, unseen holes in the bottom of the orange allow jello to seep out! That’s why I mentioned above to be careful with navel oranges and to make sure the navel is sealed. Also be careful not to stick your spoon through the orange when cleaning the fruit out.

Ok, so now we have some jello in the oranges and some seeping out creating a jello cake below the oranges. I refrigerated these puppies for a few hours. I took the entire tray out and began to slice the halves into individual slices. Well, my knife wasn’t super sharp and the jello separated or fell out of the rind about 3 of 5 times. That was frustrating! Then, I took so long cutting them that the jello began to melt! Oy vey!

So FINALLY I had a bowl of orange rinds with jello sort of in them. I put the ugly ones at the bottom. Perhaps a bowl was the wrong way to serve these, but I was running low on platters and lining these up in big long rows would just take up too much space.

When my friends got here for the party they were blown away by these jello shots! They could not believe how creative it was and sent pictures to their friends and family. That felt really good.

But…. towards the end of the night, the jello melted out of the oranges and formed a jello soup at the bottom of the bowl. So, being the thrifty kids we are, we picked out the orange peels, got out some straws and sucked down the remaining jello! Perfect solution!

So, the moral of the story? Be prepared for frustration with these. I think if you are very careful when cleaning the oranges out and if you use a sharp knife to cut and maybe even freeze these, they will come out great. The few I made that did come out nice were beautiful and provided an awesome presentation!


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